Weed For Warriors Project’s sole purpose is to advocate to the Veteran Affairs Administration on behalf of all Veterans. Founded in 2014, the WFW Project aims to allow Veterans the freedom to use medical marijuana as a recognized medical alternative to harmful psychiatric drugs without any discrimination or unjust actions against the individual.

About the WFW Project

WFW Project was started in the San Francisco Bay Area by an OEF United States Marine Corps Veteran who found relief from his service connected disabilities through Medical Marijuana and the fellowship of other like minded Veterans within the cannabis community. With the help of organizations like SANTA CRUZ VETERANS ALLIANCE, WFW Project  was able to provide local Veterans with medical marijuana information, a safe place to fellowship with other Veterans and safe access to free medicine with proof of service/ current medical recommendation.

Help Us Grow

The Need for Expansion

Seeing the need for Veterans for cannabis based groups nationwide, the WFW Project started to establish chapters throughout California, Colorado and Arizona. The only way these groups can exist and for us to expand to reach more Veterans is through the continued support from community members and individuals such as yourself. Our mission is to help Veterans heal through Cannabis, Fellowship, and Community Projects. We are trying to make an effort to put an END to the 22+ Veteran suicides that happen each and every day.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Some Numbers to Consider

Amount of Veterans the make up the US Population 7%
Amount that Veterans account for towards the national suicide rate: 20%

Number of daily Veteran suicides: 22

The Veteran Suicide data is currently only being collected from 21 states and only accounts for the Veterans who are currently being seen by the Veterans Affairs Administration.

How We Can Help

The Natural Solution

Veterans are being prescribed harsh pharmaceutical drugs that are extremely addictive and have been linked to thousands of Veteran Suicides. Cannabis has been proven to help with PTSD, cancer, chronic pain, sleep disorders, crohn’s disease, migraines, addiction withdrawal and has statistically lowered the suicide rate in states where it is legal. Please join us in the fight to give Veterans the right to have safe access to medical cannabis and allow them the freedom to discuss medical cannabis with their VA Doctors. Together we can make a difference and do more for Veterans.

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